Pesca Extremadura

The fishing center

The center of fishing Pesca Extremadura is situated to Orellana Vieja, right in the heart of a nature reserve, in the South of Spain. Pesca Extremadura proposes you a panel stay adapted to your wishes: the organization, the assistance and Guides Pro are French . We have a good english.

The team of Pesca Extremadura accompanies you from your arrival and proposes you every types and techniques of fishing according to the desires of each.


Of the edge, by boat, there float tube, you will pursue and will fight in quantity Pikes and Black-Bass. The fishing is practised from March till November and exceptionally at the beginning of December, the climate and the fish basket more than plentiful allowing it.


The center of fishing possesses 6 boats. Every boat is equipped with sonnar and electric engine. Our Guides Pro are at your disposal during all your stay.


To Accompanying them, history(story), culture, nature, heritage(holdings) millennium, gastronomy and the discovery of one of the most beautiful regions of Spain.





Right in the middle of Lakes and Rivers of Extremadura, an ideal climate and a phenomenal fish basket wait for you.


Pesca Extremadura offers you a domain of more than 3.000 km of banks to be canvassed all year long and when all the fishing are authorized and practised:


Present fishes:
Pikes, Black Bass, Barbles, Sander,...
soft lures, hard bait, trolling, Fly...
The posts:
Edge, Boat, Float tube
The sites of fishing:

Lake of Orellana, Lake of the Serena, Lake of Garcia Sola, Lake of Sierra Brava, Lake of Zujar, River of Guadiana, of Zujar


Fisherman of black-bass? Come to find what you are looking for on lakes, but especially on certain rivers where very big specimens will make you live on great moments of fish surprises ...


Furthermore, certain routes and only accessible spots float tube possess a beautiful population of Black-Bass, according to the season ... Assured surprises!!!


Extremadura is the cradle of the barble "comizo" the grips of which leave unforgettable memories in the head and the arms of each. The record on the lake of orellana is of 22kg, this lake can book you a big surprise (on average 10kg), there are very few barble but actually they are huge.

Comizo is very present also on the lake of bars, for fishing in summer in particular, and on the lake of the serena or average of the grips is of 50cm. Concerning technique, we fish for the big barble by fishing for the pike knew the lake of Alange and the Cijara.