Practical information


Upon your arrival, you can go directly to the premises(place) of our center of fishing (situated Ronda Palacio) he(it) there a visible sign(brand) in the street or then meeting to the Bar / restaurant " El Velero " to Orellana to wait for us and contact us by telephone.

If you arrive another day than on Saturdays, we shall doubtless be in guide, therefore, do not worry you if we are not reachable, we are certainly on the water and without network cover. Meeting in the Bar / restaurant " El Velero " to Orellana between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm (return of fishing)



The weather is beautiful in Extremadura but the mornings can be fresh, plan a pullover for morning or one cuts waterproof(impervious) wind, inquire about weather conditions before your coming.

Useless d " to bring a pair of boots (we have waders and shoes JMC at arrangement.
For shoes, a pair of basketball or sandals are enough.


Bring a cap and a glasses polarisantes (or at least sunglasses), think of the sunscreen!



In case of problem, you will find Pharmacy and doctor to Orellana, think of providing you of your social-security card European assistance. (To ask your box, one month before your departure).



Apartments are equipped with sheets, covers, pillows, bath towels, etc. …




Watch out! Well follow Badajoz, go out in 253 as indicated below!


  1. Join M-14 and continue on 3km 
  2. Turn right E-90/E-90 (Autovía M-40) and continue on 17km
  3. Continue any right Radial nerve 5 (R-5) and continue on 31,0 km
  4. Turn right E-90/E-90 (Autovía =autoroute of Extremadura) and continue on 215,6 km
  5. Take the exit 253
  6. Turn left Avenida Virgen de Guadalupe go
  7. Take to the right Carretera Madrigalejo and continue on 19
  8. To take to the left Carretera de Zorita has Madrigalejo and to continue on 9,1 km
  9. To take to the right Carretera Nacional de Mérida has Játiva ( N-430) and to continue on 2,0 km
  10. Set to the left and continue on 8
  11. In the traffic circle, you arrived at Orellana Vieja 06740 (Spain)




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